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We at The Show understand meticulous planning, effortless execution and attention to detail. We know execution and think on our feet to create crisp corporate events fit for every executive level across venue types and budgets.

Think Conference Planning, Company Annual Days, Employee Engagement Activities, Activations (or) Lead Generating Events, we take care of rowing the boat, while you watch the event unfold with a dedicated team of event strategists. Our services also include obtaining government permissions for international conferences & exhibitions.

Once we carefully understand what your expectations are, we unleash our organizing skills built over 10 years of experience. 

It was wonderful working with The Show team, especially in the way they handled the stage management and speaker co-ordination of the International Conference on Transforming Healthcare with IT for three consecutive years, 2011-2013. Despite being a young team, the team exhibited professional competence of the highest order and made sure everything went smoothly.




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