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Our journey began in 2010 with a belief in the power of ideas and the magic of celebrating them.

Today we’ve evolved into a company of unique concepts and solutions that take the event experience to a whole new level.

We don't shy away from a challenge and we never say no to a cup of tea!


Ashish Gupta - Founder & Director

The think tank of the company who lives and breathes business. A natural with a flair for sales & finance, he is a people person, annoyingly organised, and has OCD for cleanliness. The man who initiates and closes the project. Consider being nice to him to crack a good deal!


Nikita Garg – Chief Everything Officer​

The lady with a smile who brings balance in the company. Your dreams are her deadlines and your happiness is her destination. She is creative, humble, extremely sweet and fills in for any/every role. The woman who is a master of all trades. Be nice to her, no matter what!


Amruth Agarwal – Director

The go to person who gets the job done. Delivering our promise is the mission of his life. He is workaholic,

task oriented, problem solver and will amaze you with his planning. The man behind the success of every project. Be nice to him, and he will take over

like a boss!

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